Cryptoracers Strategy For A Newbie To Earn Bitcoins

Hello all as you have seen my List Of Top 8 Bitcoin Earning Games Cryptoracer is on the 2nd number however cryptoracer is a bit tricky for newbies so i thought to write my strategy which i use when i was a newbie so lets get started

Read This Step By Step Quick Guide

1. Sign up on cryptoracer
2. Upgrades>Free Bitcoin & Diamonds
3. Goto any offerwall
4. Do some offerwalls, sell the currency earned through offerwall  in the chat and upgrades parts to lvl 5 (max level) 
5. Upgrade these parts

  • Camshaft
  • Gearbox
  • DiskBrakes

Now lets get started on the brief guide

1. Sign up on Cryptoracers

After you signup goto Upgrades>free bitcoin and diamonds now you will see offerwalls 

Goto any offerwall and complete a offer. Offers Gives Racebuxes (Rbux) as you can see in the above image a person is giving 50k satoshis for just 120k Racebuxes . You also have to sell your racebux earned from offerwall by trading in the chat . Now you sold your Rbuxes and have alot of satoshis . Now goto Garage>Parts Upgrade 

There are alot of parts to upgrade? I have made a list of best items to buy

1. Upgrade Camshaft upto Lvl 5
2. Upgrade Descbrake Upto Lvl 5 
3. Upgrade Gearbox Upto Lvl 5 

These are The best Parts to upgrade and if you buy vip you can also do upgrade more than 5 lvl’s 

Now your car is ready and you can now race alot of peoples and win some big bucks but there are two more thing 1. Dayjobs 2.Vault

Day jobs is a task where you have to click and claim after a required period of time . (Check image below)

So this is dayjob now the Vault 

Vault is a place where you can hide your earned satoshi Becaue other players can race you too and you can lose your satoshis so when you have credits you can store them at Bank>vault 

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That was my strategy and if you still have any questions please comment below

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