What Is Microwallet? (Simple Best Guide)

What is Microwallet?

Alot of Faucets are using a service called Faucethub to store your coins before being sent to you. 

Microwallet is a service where your micro payments are stored. Faucets pays small amount of Satoshi so if they send direct to the wallet you will receive nothing because of transaction fees.

Microwallets store those little amounts of satoshi and send them to you when you reach a minimum threshold (20k for Faucethub). This threshold avoid the mandatory bitcoin network (or other crypto network )”miner fees”. Once you reach the threshold you can submit a withdraw request.

Apart from Faucethub there are 2 other microwallets but faucethub is the best of all, 

  1.  Faucethub (thousands of faucet with alot of feautures)
  2.  Faucetsystem (no more than 100 faucets)
  3.  Coinpot (only 5 UNIQUE Faucets)
  4.  Epay.info (Scam
Dont think and join Faucethub as your microwallet.

If you got any questions please comment below 🙂

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