Best Blackcoin (BLK) Wallets (2017)

Blackcoin is a new Cryptocurrency and there are no good wallets other than their Official wallet Black is unique because of proof of stake means you will get blackcoins by just making your wallet open in background.

1. Blackcoin Original qt and Lore qt

Blackcoin has two official wallet whcih has to sync with the blockchain the blackcoin original qt and lore qt are different wallets. The major difference is that original qt takes more time to sync as compare to lore qt.Lore qt is in beta mode and is not stable however Original qt is stable .

2. BlackHalo

BlackHalo is also an official blackcoin wallet BlackHalo provides security on a much high level than Blackcoin qt and Lore qt. BlackHalo also have a marketplace inside the wallet so you can buy or sell your blackcoin too .It is a bit difficult wallet but the security is good

3. Cryptonator (Online Wallet and Exchange)

Cryptonator is an online Exchange site and Wallet where you can buy or sell your coins.Cryptonator is  an Multicurrency Wallet which support Bitcoin,Dash,Ethereum,Litecoin etc .It is a good wallet but in the end it is online and any online thing can be hacked But as of now i have never heard any complain and i like their security 

Cryptonator Support These Currencies :

Bitcoin,Litecoin,Ethereum,Dash,Bitcoin Cash,Blackcoin,Dogecoin,Emercoin,Monero,Peercoin,  Primecoin,Reedcoin,Ripple,Zcash

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To unlock you wallet for staking click on Setting>Unlock Wallet

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