How To Start A Bitcoin Faucet (Ultimate Guide) With Pictures

How To Make A Bitcoin Faucet 

Hello all if you are one of the persons who want to start a Bitcoin faucet for free here is the perfect guide for you to. 


1. Domain Name (Website name)

You will Need a domain name for your website some free hosting providers gives free sub domains which you can use.

2. Hosting (Free Or Paid)

Buy a hosting which suits you if you are willing to try free hosting i will not recommend because advertiser will not approve your site for advertisement. Below are the Hosting providers i recommend to use.
However in this guide we will use 000webhost as a free hosting provider

1. Name Cheap (The one i use)
2. Goddady 

3. FaucetScript

There are alot of free and paid faucet script here we are using Faucetinabox script .

4. FaucetHub Account

Faucethub account wiil be used as a microwallet for sending rewards to your visitors.

5. Captcha Service Key

1. Solvemedia
2. Google Recaptcha

Here we will use Google Recaptcha as our captcha provider.

6. Some Satoshis On Faucethub Account

Why? You need them to give rewards to your users.I will suggest you to have at least  200k sats in you account.

Lets Get Started

1. Goto Faucetinabox and download the Script  
Goto Faucetinabox to directly download Script or Click Here  

Download The .zip File And proceed to step 2 

2. Goto 000webhost signup or sign in if you already have an account 

 After logging in create you site by Clicking on the “+” area 

Now select a Sub domain Name for your site and a password. 

Here i have choose LearnFaucet as my sub-domain name.

3. Upload the .zip file on the file manager and extract  after extracting you should move all the files to public_html folder one by one 

You should delete .htaccess file before extracting the .zip File

After moving all the files delete the .zip file check the example below in the picture 

Now Extract the File

4. Configure the config.php file with Database

Now here comes the main part goto Manage Database Click on New Database and choose a Username , a Password and a Name for your database . 

Remember anyone with your database password can open the admin panel of your Faucet.

5. Go again on file manager and do double click on config.php file now there you have to write you username , name  and password that you created in the above step 

6. Now goto your sub domain and there you should see a Password copy the Password because it will never show again. 

7. Login to the admin panel and here are all the setting you can change (Like Minimum reward, Maximum Reward etc) Now Select Faucethub in their service tab .

8. Goto Faucethub Click on User>Faucet Manager Write the title of your faucet and website url after that you will get a interface like the image below click on show api and paste the api on your website admin panel (image below)

9. To enable Google Recaptcha go here and enter your website url and click register after registering you have to put your Site Key and Private Key on your site admin page (Images Below) 

So Now your faucet is made and you can further customize the Template ,Timing ,Rewards etc

Here Is the Faucet which I made with you LearnFaucet

How To Monetize Faucet ?

So now your faucet is ready but How To Earn From Faucet dont worry i got

There are two methods to monetize your faucet

1. Advertisement 
2. Url Shortners

Since your faucet is new use the following ad network because they will approve your site other network mayn’t approve your faucet beause your faucet dont have much alexa rank

1. a-ads
2. coinmedia

After you got some alexa rank you may apply to these adnetworks

1. Coinzilla (200,000 alexa rank)
2. Bitcoadz (300,000 alexa rank)
3. Mellowads (200,000 alexa rank)
4. Bittraffic   
5. (The Best Ad Network)

Now you got ad network and can monetize your faucet 

You can monetize through also Url Shortner as i said above the best shortners are listed below

For Unique Views I Use UCLICK
For All Views I Use Onlinebee

Check Out My List Of Best Paying Url Shortners

Worried About Your Alexa Traffic? 

As the title says Ultimate Guide i will also tell you How To Reduce Alexa Rank

To reduce Alexa Rank Use the following Exchange For at least a week 

1. Hitleap
2. BigHits4u
3. RankBoostup
4. OtoHits
5. AlexaSurfing
6. AutoWebSurf
7. Twistrix

IF you got any question ask us in the comment section 

6 thoughts on “How To Start A Bitcoin Faucet (Ultimate Guide) With Pictures

  • 19th January 2018 at 3:59 pm

    thx you bro, i am newbie.
    today i register onlinebee url under your downline. how different all view or unique view, please explain me thx.

  • 10th February 2018 at 9:29 am

    bro i tried to made mi firat withdraw in onlinebee and its pending about one week, i send some suport messages to they and no awnser … maybe it becomes a scan …

  • 11th February 2018 at 4:52 pm

    it is not a scam i withdraw yesterday maybe some problem with you send me your email address on my mail using contact us form i will ask the owner of onlinebee

  • 21st February 2018 at 4:42 pm

    yeah they have already paid me 😀


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