How to Change Altcoins To Bitcoins

What Is Altcoin?

Altcoin is an abbrevation of Bitcoin alternative All Cryptocurrencies except Bitcoins are called Altcoins.

How To Exchange Altcoins For BItcoins

Exchanging Altcoins for Bitcoins is very easy all you have to do is find exchange supporting your Altcoin and sell your Altcoins there for Bitcoins

Quick Steps

1. Sign up on a Exchange 
2. Deposit Your Altcoins
3. Place a Sell Order For Bitcoins 

These are the steps to convert you Altcoins into Bitcoins not sure enough ? Let me show you Example


In this example i am using Dogecoin as my Altcoin

First We have to find Exchange which accepts Dogecoins (I am using Cryptopia)

Second Deposit Your Dogecoins 

Third Open a Sell Order For Your Doges then wait for someone to buy your Order 

That’s it as soon someone buys your order you will have your Bitcoins 

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