Biden Visits Israel For The First Time As President

Financial Crisis Inquiry – Commission Hearing Must Have a Positive Impact

Our Great Recession has made me and perhaps you skeptical about the quality of government’s work to improve our quality of life. Starting on January 13th, the Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission, a 10 member panel appointed last summer by Congress will begin the public hearings phase. Will their work have real, positive impact?

The Mystery of Wealth Creation

Too many people now concentrate on investments rather than earning a good living by delivering innovative products and services that improve quality of life in the world. In the New Age, people will grow wary of the stresses of unbridled speculation and gravitate towards more meaningful and productive activities in the real world. They will pursue overall well-being for themselves, their families and the society at large, rather than just personal wealth.

This Funny Thing Called Money

A key premise we want to debate is whether we, as humanity, are valuing the truly valuable. The question now is whether the way we measure value has any basis? What would the world be like if currencies were actually valued according to their Purchasing Power Parity?

Reasons Why Kmart Filed Bankruptcy in 2002

Why did Kmart file bankruptcy? Kmart is a popular chain of stores in the United States. It also has branches in other countries so people in 2002, wondered about the answer to the question, why did Kmart file bankruptcy. The problem of Kmart was almost the same as to the troubles of Enron because it has experienced several highs and severe low points in their business.

2010 – How is the Recovery Going to Be Sustained?

The last year proved what the concerted efforts of a group of central bankers and governments can achieve. From the edge of financial meltdown the bounce back has been indeed remarkable. Asset markets around the world put in very impressive rallies including stocks, credit markets, housing. You name it, 2009 saw it rally.

Who’s Behind Petrol Prices?

Before I make my way to the real culprit you might like to consider how petrol prices are where they are. Currently VAT and tax represent just over 70p per litre and this will rise to over 72p when VAT returns to normal. So forget the ‘sharks,’ petrol without tax would be a mere 35p.

Why the Global Economic Melt Down is Good For Your Wardrobe and the Retail Industry at Large

To put it simply, the global economic melt down is not a bad thing for the retail industry or your wardrobe in the long term. “Why?” I hear you scream.

My Plan to Save the Universe

How did the economy get to where it is now and what can we do to fix it? Our global economy has dug itself into a large gaping hole. It looks as though we have stopped digging, but now we are stuck at the bottom with the evil “toxic-assets” that we created. Financial Armageddon may have been postponed, but what do we do in the meantime?

The Lost Decade – What it Means For the USA – Part 2

In the previous article I discussed how the US has arrived at its current state of economic distress, what some of the underlying factors were, and how it is that our leadership miscalculated so severely. It is relatively easy to discuss the problem and its causes. A much thornier issue is sorting out what we do to reverse this problem and return to a strong economy.

Enlightened Economics – Valuing the Truly Valuable

As we look at reinventing our fundamental constructs, our idea of economic value needs close inspection. Should we start valuing what’s really valuable to our lives on this planet rather than what just makes us feel good or look good? Should our decisions on centralization and decentralization be driven by considerations of what drives true value, rather than just efficiency?

Excessive Executive Pay Destroys Value

Executive bonuses have become a hot political issue since the 2008 banking crisis. Calls for government intervention are an understandable emotional reaction. However, they are misplaced, as government should not get involved in micro-economic policy. Rather, businesses across the board (and not just banking) need to take a fresh look at their executive remuneration, not least because of the enormous pay differential between top executives and the lowest paid in their companies.

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