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Explain the Measures Taken for Bringing Out the Banking Sector Reforms in India

India had an extremely regulated system of banking. This system suffered from various draw backs. To overcome these draw backs, various reforms were undertaken in two phases.

Federal Grants – Government Support for Research on Aging

Government grants don’t just help those people who are receiving them – they help the community as well in terms of health and social benefits. Take, for example, a National Institute on Aging grant that will be used to finance research on aging and the family. This research program is working to expand understanding of the roles of families and their interpersonal relationships and how they work for the health and well-being of senior citizens.

Turning Our Backs on Capitalism is Going to Cost US!

Not everyone is a firm believer in capitalism, over the years academia has brainwashed a large part of our educated society that capitalism is bad, and that socialism and communism might actually be the better venue for the future utopia we all seek. However having participated personally in capitalism, having run a business, made a payroll, and built a large company, I disagree. And my practical experience in the real world for the last 27 years trumps anyone else’s PhD, because they are only studying theory.

US Economic Developments in the 21st Century: Sustaining the Living Standards of the Middle Class

Societal changes in the U.S. over the past half century have been a stimulus for less frictional class mobility. As a result, there has been an expanding and affluent middle class. This paper will offer ideas about how future business leaders can help employees maintain a high standard of living, provide predictions about key industries that will serve as the backbone of the economy in the twenty-first century and suggest policy steps to sustain the strength of the nation’s middle class workforce.

When Crony Capitalism Moves In So Do the Most Corrupt Entrepreneurs

It is rather interesting to hear the Obama Administration claim that they are pro-business. Although, they may actually believe what they are saying, it would appear to a free-market capitalist like myself, that they don’t understand what being pro-business actually means. For instance, being pro-business does not mean changing the rules and regulations to help certain companies that provided you with campaign dollars, while putting barriers to entry to their competitors.

United We Stand – Support Unions

What is the economy for? What makes a strong economy? And what does this have to do with Wisconsin union busting battle?

How Serious Is Political Risk for Private Equity in Africa?

Just as Africa is being touted as the last investment frontier capable of delivering super returns, the recent populist ousting of Egyptian president, Hosni Mubarak, and Tunisian president, Zine al-Abidine Ben Ali, has raised for many investors the continent’s old ghost of political risk. And, yes, in extreme situations such as we have seen in Egypt, where trade and tourism stopped almost completely for nearly three weeks, it is difficult for businesses of most types and sizes to escape the negative consequences. However, for those of us who’ve been operating in the private equity field in Africa…

India Embroiled

India shining in terms of GDP figures is a myth. True growth occurs when development benefits are percolated to the most underprivileged strata of the society. To believe that 64 years of Independence would transform the societal virtues is again a dream. Sixty percent of the estimated 114 crore population still lives in the 6 lakh villages.

The Open Road Beckons US And Mexico

Each year around $200 billion of goods from Mexico pass into the United States. Now the trucks that carry those goods, and the people who drive them, will be allowed to enter as well. A proposed agreement between Presidents Barack Obama and Felipe Calderon will end a two-decade-old policy that prohibits Mexican trucking companies from carrying goods more than 25 miles over U.S. soil.

China’s Perfect Financial Economic Storm Cometh

China has experienced the most impressive growth of any nation in the history of mankind over the last 4-decades, and many see things as continuing at this break-neck speed. However, we’ve all heard the challenges with economic overheating, industrial labor revolutions, and all the problems which go with rocket ship growth. In fact there was a fairly decent article in Bloomberg Asian Business titled: “China at 60% Risk of Banking Crisis, Fitch Gauge Signals” By Kevin Hamlin and posted on March 7, 2011.

American Economy Collapse Report: Utah Think the Dollar Is Going to Collapse

Utah passed a bill recently accepting gold and silver as legal tender. More and more states are thinking to pass these kinds of bills. What does it mean?

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