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Solutions to the Global Financial Crisis

As the debate continues in Congress about lowering the budget deficit, the debt ceiling is about to be raised again. Because the dollar is still one of the world’s most important reserve currencies, US budget deficits and the Fed’s balance sheet contribute enormously to the world’s debt load. Here are a couple of do-able suggestions to lower the US deficit.

R.I.P. Neighborhood Blockbuster

On Saturday I made my weekly pilgrimage to my local Blockbuster to pick up a previously non-viewed flick. However, to my dismay, I discovered that they will be closing at the end of February. Not only does the best employee Blockbuster has ever seen work at this particular location (more on that later), but it happens to be within a very convenient proximity to my house.

Gas Prices Soar As Middle East Boils Over

Last week, amidst growing tensions in Egypt, the price of oil surpassed $100 per barrel, the highest rate in almost two years. The continued unrest in the Middle East – first Tunisia, then Egypt, now Algeria – is serving to unnerve investors, and thus forcing the price of crude oil upwards.

Government and Big Business – The Cruel Taxes Conspiracy

The word “Taxes” can invoke feelings of fear and apprehension, such as not having a clue how to prepare an amended tax form, because the IRS said they refigured your 6 year old return and now you owe $10,000 instead of your expected refund of $400, which by the way, you owe back. On the other hand, “Taxes” can invoke a Patriotic feeling, for after all, it was taxes which so enraged the colonists, which eventually resulted in the Revolutionary War and the very creation of our country. We pay taxes this very day to support our troops…

Zimbabwean Businesses Have Jumped on the Internet to Facilitate Their Commerce

A wise old business person once said that in business Don’t sell gloves to people with no hands but rather you sell heaters to people in freezing climates. Simply put, sell what people need and you will be successful. You are probably saying “duh” right now but it’s not all that simple. A few businesses out there miss the point completely and I am just glad some Zimbabwean businesses have got it right in the situation described in this piece.

US Spending Up by 3.5% for 2010 – Best in Three Years

Consumers were spending money in 2010! Official figures show the economy grew as U.S. citizens spent more money than they had during the previous three years. Up by 3.5%, this demonstrates the most encouraging financial news since 2007 and that wa before the recession that began in 2008. Shopping, home buying, and increased availability of jobs in the market gave Americans the encouragement they were waiting for to spend their hard earned money. December’s spending, which means Christmas shopping, was strong at 0.7%, demonstrating the sixth month in a row of excellent growth for the worlds largest economy.

National Debt – Which Party Is Responsible?

We’ve carried a national debt for a very long period of time. Only recently has it reached levels that have started to cause alarm, particularly when looking forward at the next forty years. The question many people have is which party is responsible?

US Financial Crisis of 2008 Should Have Been Avoided

The enormous blunders that nearly crippled the most powerful nation on this planet we call Earth could have and should have been avoided. It was through the less than competent hands of various bankers, politicians, and regulators that major financial decisions were made that proved to be ill fated based on some opinions and downright malicious according to others. The financial melt down was deemed “avoidable” according to the US Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission whose job it was to examine the records and determine cause and who was to blame. All fingers pointed directly to politicians as well as banks and other financial regulators who took risks that were well beyond their pay grade or expertise.

Suppression Gold, Silver and Money Proofs

Truth is slowly getting out about suppression by financial institutions of gold, silver and money. Keeping secrets was their strong point. Information age is clearly an unintended consequence they did not see coming.

The $6.6 Trillion Retirement Income Deficit and How It Will Impact You

Almost everywhere you turn, you hear about Trillion Dollar deficits. And yet, most Americans have not heard of the Trillion Dollar Deficit that threatens the future quality of life, standard of living, peace of mind, and dignity of almost everyone: the $6.6 Trillion Retirement Income Deficit. This figure….

The Great Pharaohs Rebellion

The images of Cairo on fire is sending shivers down investors spines. The ancient Pharaohs must be turning in their tombs.

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