Full Lofgren: ‘If Witnesses Are Being Intimidated, We Don’t Plan To Just Sit By’

Think Outside the Wallet

As the economy tightens, whether you’re in a new Neighborhood Association, business or organization or one that has been effected by a lack of money due to the economy, the important thing to remember is that its all about getting people involved, whether its in their community or your organization, it’s about keeping the community, business or organization together that really counts. Although we tend to think that larger events that require more money are more fun and bring more people to the events, keep in mind that it is more about keeping the community involved even if it by holding a no or low cost events or events focused more on giving everyone a chance just to come together and foster communication within your community.

1922 Germany and Your New Golden Fortune

Could we be on the same road as 1914 Germany? Like that Germany, we now talk of economic matters in terms of billions, trillions and even quadrillions (last year, there were $1.14 quadrillion of derivatives outstanding). And, like post-World War I Germany, we keep running the printing presses-or their digital equivalents-to pay for excessively expensive bailouts and social programs. There are way too many dark similarities. So what advice would survivors of the Weimar Republic give us today?

Protesters Invoke 10th Amendment

Public and legislative outcry regarding government spending has led to a new grassroots movement, called “The Tenth Amendment Movement.” Others refer to it as the New Boston Tea Party.

What Have We Learned About Foreclosure From the Government and Obama?

The government and the President have a new plan to help homeowners out of foreclosure. We refer to it as the “Obama Plan”. Many homeowners are hoping and praying for the best, but if history has shown us anything, we know it’s always best to have a back up plan.

Signs of a Better Economy?

Is the glass half full or half empty? Or maybe that analogy doesn’t work in this economy because people really just want to know if we’ve reached the bottom of this bitter drink of bad banks, busted housing markets and layoffs. The answer seems as hard to come by as a good analogy.

Economies Are Not Built by Chance – Thought and Innovation Are a Necessity

After over a hundred years of production on the bank of the St. Croix River. The St. Croix Paper Company became Georgia Pacific and then Domtar Industries. This reminds me of a few years ago when another paper mill that I worked at, closed in Boston. That paper mill was Bay State Paper Company on the Neponset River there. Bay State was the latest in a long list of owners but that plant held the distinction of being the oldest operating paper mill in North America.

The “Science” of Wall Street

In this moment of passing blame for the financial woes, there is one place that the average American has failed to look- Wall Street. We have been trained to believe that Wall Street and its pundits are the factual bellwethers of the current state of the financial state of America.

A Market on the Rebound?

The stock market has been on an upward trend since the second week of March. Time to jump in now or wait?

UK Sales Jobs – What Recession?

A recession is never an easy time for job seekers in the UK. With a little extra effort and a little extra time, it is still possible to find good graduate sales jobs all over the UK.

Yes to Limiting Top Executives Compensation

I was particularly encouraged by the top executive compensation limits set forth in the Stimulus Plan, yet dismayed when they were eliminated or watered down. The Stimulus Plan passed by a 246-183 and a 60-38 margin in the House and Senate respectively. Although Republicans Collins, Spechter and Snow all were instrumental in hammering out several compromises, nary a House Republican cast a FOR vote; some predicting ruin if it passed.

Taxes Aren’t Enough

Americans, after having made their disdain for taxation plain during the Boston Tea Party, have come to terms with the overall necessity for the levies imposed by governments on all levels. We are all aware that the lifestyles we lead must be administered and that our taxes make that possible. Likewise, we simply expect the streets to be illuminated and the trash collected. Now, however, cities across the country are turning to a fee-based system. Unable to control the spending of budgets bestowed upon them by virtue of the tax paying citizenry, and rather than raise taxes even more – which would cause a revolt – they are going to start charging individuals for services for which they have already payed!

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