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Keeping Paper Money Safe From Fraudulent Activities

Paper money has been used for years in many countries as the currency of choice. One thing that the cash makers of the United States has tried to do for years is to keep their paper bills safe from illegal reproduction. Many different anti-counterfeit processes have been used and are still in existence in today’s high tech world.

Where Did The 80,000 Lost American Jobs Go?

In the past year, America has lost 80,000 jobs. Where did they go? I demand that an investigation be held, and the thieves that stole them be dragged in by their toes.

Today’s Mortgage Interest Rates And The Health Of The Economy

While the health of the economy has come under attack for the last 7 years, there has really been no reason for it. With interest rates low, and possibly headed lower, the economy may be, actually very good! This article examines interest rates through the last 35 years and the state of the present economy.

Behavioral Economics

The article site instances where rationality is bounded and behavioral economics comes to play. These are situations where people try to optimize rather than maximize returns. Behavioral economics is a growing field of study.

Stagflation – A Two Ton Gorilla in a Monkey Suit

A tidal wave of difficult economic times is rushing towards us. Its arrival appears to be inevitable and the preliminary effects are already lapping at our shores. During the past twenty plus years, we have experienced two major economic bubbles.

Mattress Cash

I’m sure that we have all heard our grandparents’ age-old advice to hide our cash in the mattress for safe-keeping. Here is why we should not, as wise as they are, take that advice to heart.

My Tax Rebate Check Dilemma

The so-called economic stimulus checks are on their way and I, for one, have been debating whether or not to save or spend. There are certainly a number of things on my wish list. I am sure that this is true for everyone. Let the debate begin.

US China Trade Imbalance

According to CIA, Americans have led the world in consumption this past year, and China took the largest trade surplus. This does not reflect positively for the American economic machine. Nations frequently become powerful via growing exports, not excessive expenditure.

How to Thrive Through This Recession, Jack Canfield Style

We’re hearing a lot about the economy lately. Just this week, Alan Greenspan actually said “the r word” by announcing that the United States is in a recession. The good news is that a recession is not a depression. To be successful, you need to become informed about what a recession is and what steps you can take to thrive in the midst of one. Here are 5 Simple Steps for Thriving through a Recession.

The Twin Menaces of Inflation

This week, a storm of bad news gave markets cold feet, resulting in Friday’s 250-point loss. While this pattern of volatility has been the status quo for stock exchanges worldwide for the better part of the year-to-date, another factor has caused at least as many difficulties for a much larger percentage of the global population: the recent skyrocketing prices in energy and food. Wheat and other cereal prices have more than doubled this year, causing widespread effects ranging from speculative overbuying, which exacerbates the problem, to food riots in many poor countries.

Does Wal-Mart’s Success Show That The Economy Is Picking Up?

I was recently watching Cavuto on Fox Business Channel, and he had his normal crew of pundits on, and they were talking about how that since Wal-Mart is making more money; we can see that as an indication of the economy turning around. I don’t know about you, but, usually when I go to Wal-Mart, I go there for the low prices and the overall affordability of the products that are in the store.

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