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Is the US Economy Poised for a Turnaround?

If economists and Forex professionals are to be believed, they are of the view that the US economy is poised to grow at 2.4% in 2012, up from the sub 2% growth this year, provided the Euro crisis does not drag the US economy down. Unfortunately, this is not robust enough to generate employment as required and the unemployment rate is expected to remain around 8.5%.

Is It Time For The Americans To Say “All Is Well?”

From the looks of some key economic data and forex market, it appears that the US economy may be all set to take a turn for the better. As per the latest update by the US Labor Department, the nation added 200,000 jobs in the month of December on the back of around 120,000 jobs added in the month of November.

The School System: Why Curriculum Needs To Be Relevant To The World Today

The times are much different today then even when I was back in school 20 years ago. The technology that is around us is unbelievable.

Physical Law of Work – Harvesting the Difference Between a Weaker Force and a Stronger Force

The other day, I was discussing with an acquaintance from the UK the challenges of creating some sort of perpetual enclosed hydro-power system whereby a tank of water above would allow water to flow down over a hydro-power water wheel into a holding tank. The shaft of the hydro-wheel would be connected to a pump; to pump the water back into the tank above thus producing energy. There is of course only one problem with all of this; The Laws of Physics!

PPACA Commerce Clause

It appears that the PPACA stimulates much discussion and debate these days. The heart of the matter lies within the translation of the Commerce Clause, and even the most outspoken defenders of the PPACA admit that this legislation may go well beyond the actual authority of Congress. The individual mandate requires that Americans purchase health insurance or face the real threat of civil penalty.

Female Unemployment and the Construction Industry

Recent figures show that levels of unemployment among women are at their highest since the 1980s, with more redundancies set to come in the New Year. There are, however, opportunities in manual trades and an increasing demand for women in these areas means that the UK’s economic situation may still offer them some healthy career prospects.

2012 LIHTC Market Uncertain

The Low Income Housing Tax Credit (LIHTC) program was initiated in 1986 for the purpose of encouraging private investment in affordable housing projects. Under the program, qualified projects receive federal tax credits that are sold to private investors who use the credits to reduce their annual tax burden. The private investment helps reduce the cost of building affordable housing, allowing the developer to offer a certain number of units at below market rates. At the end of 2010, many Low Income Housing Tax Credit (LIHTC) investors and analysts were projecting growth in the LIHTC market. By the end of 2011, however, those same people were less certain about how the market will fare this year.

Financial Corruption in China at Every Level – Who Knew?

Every emerging nation goes through various challenges. For instance, a nation new to free-market capitalism often enjoys strong uplifting economic growth, and yet, the powers that be often see the incredible benefits and riches very quickly and thus, try to corral it all for themselves. Suffice it to say, we are dealing with humans on planet Earth, so this is bound to happen.

Progressivism Isn’t Progress, V

Collectivists in the United States knew a bloody revolution wouldn’t work in America… so they sought to achieve the same ends slowly, through the “evolution” of progressivism. They’ve been called liberals, socialists, left-wingers, and a variety of other terms – but the “politically correct” label they prefer is “progressive.” That’s because the term reminds you of “progress” – but progressivism is anything but….

United States Debt – The Dollar Crisis

The United States is in the throes of crushing debt. Politicians are not doing a good job at all reducing the amount money the government is spending and the national debt only increases day by day.

Politics, Deficits and Disaster

The Congressional debate over the payroll tax cuts has taken center stage as we end the year. This article takes a look at the economic and political implications as well as which policy would provide the American tax payer with the greatest bang for the buck.

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