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Evidence of a Long L-Shaped Recession Is Supported by Falling Confidence Among SMEs

The recently released insolvency figures show relatively little change year on year, suggesting that the debate about whether the recession would be a V-, U-, W-, or an L-shape Is now over. Four years after the economy collapsed the evidence is piling up that it is flatlining having not risen off the bottom of the decline. Whatever the technical definition for coming out of recession may be (ie two successive quarters of growth), a growth of 0.

Youth Unemployment, How To Take Action

Unemployment, and youth unemployment in particular, has become an English, European and worldwide problem, which is deepening. There are an increasing number of jobseekers looking for work in all domains, and in almost all countries. Sadly, many of these are highly qualified post students and collegians.

A Better Solution For Our Economy

In order for America to become a strong healthy nation instead of being in a debt crisis such as the deficit of billions a month fair tax could be a better solution to get the nation out of debt so our country can prosper. Fair tax would help everyone exactly what is fair?

Enlightened Self-Interest

The Occupy Movement and Penn State events call into question people’s motives and their decision making. We should make decisions based on self-interest, but what are those interests really?

Collaboration Is Important for Growth in the Current Economy

Out of all the techniques which have been promoted as ways for growing a business in the current economy, collaboration is regarded as the most useful and powerful tool for enjoying growth especially during difficult situations. One should think beyond individual transactions with their vendors, referral sources and consumers for building a strong support system with the help of which the company can withstand rise and fall in business.

Overview of the US Economy Now and Moving Forward: 2011-2014

The U.S. economy going forward through the years 2011 to 2014 can be characterized as being subject to slow growth. The overall economy might actually be expanding, but the recovery’s pace is still too weak to lower a jobless rate.

Where The World Is

Where the world is depends on your viewpoint. If you are a positive person then you will see the world offering wondrous opportunities. If you are a negative person you will see the world as imperiled and chaotic. Both perspectives are in fact correct. What makes the difference is your attitude to where the world is – in terms of the positives and the negatives. Rather than dwell on the negatives and get depressed you can rise above the mess, the trouble and turmoil and take advantage of the calamities and inaction of others. In fact when others despair and throw in the towel is when you should enter the ring.

We’ve Been Here Before

The current world-wide economic malaise is nothing new. Indeed, the solution was found during the 1970´s Oil Crisis. We know what to do to catapult out of the current situation. In fact, it should be rather easy to do. A “no brainer.” Or….maybe “no brainers” is what we’ve all become?

Renewing Limited Government: Currency Inflation

Slowly, over time (one might say, progressively), we can get rid of currency inflation and get back to a solid dollar. If we did, and we renewed the other essential limits on our government, we’d enter an era of unprecedented worldwide peace, strength, and prosperity….

Three Great Men, The American Dream, and Financial Dead Ends

William James wrote, “The greatest use of a life is to spend it for something that outlasts it.” Sadly, some of us have come to believe that “The American Dream” boils down to having more money so that we can buy more stuff. More, that is, than our neighbor…

A Free Market Economy Without Freedom Isn’t

It is amazing to me how many times I run across people who want to trash capitalism. And I’m not just talking about all the occupying protesters at all the parks, folks who are being thrown out by police, or running away now from the colder weather. It’s been going on for far too long, and it bothers me because having participated in the free market system, I realize that it brings our society and civilization the abundance that we enjoy.

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