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You Can’t Trust Humans With Money

Is the US going to become the next Greek Tragedy ask many? No, probably not, as the FED can always print their way out of any crisis. Still, where does that leave the rest of all of us? The US taxpayer does not owe the interest on debt philosophically speaking, they had nothing to do with the nonsense of Wall Street, or the politicians spending money with corporations for government contracts, in order to collect campaign contributions from those very companies.

The Return of Local Currencies

Prior to the formation of the United States, the British colonies that would eventually all become the United States all dealt in their own local currencies. During the Revolutionary War though, the soon-to-be United States introduced a national currency which slowly went on to replace these local currencies. For most countries, this pattern in history occurred, with nationalization creating a single currency. However, today, Germany is going in quite the opposite direction, with the nation having approximately twelve regional currencies, and the potential for this number to increase to sixty.

Reducing Prices in the Recession is Not Always the Answer

Government cuts have created doubt in the minds of many businesses and consumers, but reducing your prices is not always the answer. Government cuts have undoubtedly been at the forefront of dealers’ minds since the raise in VAT from 17.5% to 20% was announced, along with other spending cuts that will undoubtedly be painful for many consumers, and in this case when searching for the best vehicles and the best car loans.

Economic Recessions in America – How Long Will it Last!

The economic recession in America is what everyone is talking about. It’s in the news, your local coffee shops, in your neighborhood, at the office, even at your dinner table. For some the recession is not a problem, and for others it can be pure suffering. Are you one of those that are suffering?

IMF Forecast For 2010 – India GDP Upgraded

International Monetary Fund (IMF) has now corroborated what I have been maintaining for quite some time. IMF has upgraded India’s GDP forecast of year 2010 from 8.8% to 9.4%. And on the other hand, IMF has indicated that US poses the greatest threat to global recovery. In fact as per IMF it is India and China and some other Asian economies which are supposed to lift the growth prospects in the world and therefore it has raised the world GDP prospects for 2010 from 4.2% to 4.5%. However it has lowered its growth estimates for Euro zone, Canada, US, Japan, and emerging economies.

Artificial Inflation Through Market Manipulation – Quite Problematic

Let me explain a problem I see concerning the use of so-called “inflation” data to trigger a control mechanism with a Central Bank to raise interest rates, or tighten money supply to prevent the fear of runaway inflation. We all know what inflation is, but my use of the term “artificial inflation” is a concept whereby fake manipulations in markets, or industries trigger higher prices, not because the buyers or consumers have vast amounts of money to blow, but because the sellers are cheating the system to force the higher price.

Is the United States Facing an Upcoming Brain Drain? The Expatriate Exodus

During many epochs of the U.S. economic growth and development, the country has benefitted from the arrival of the educated elite of other lands fleeing their homelands looking for a better life. However, as of 2010 there is the possibility of this process being reversed. Numerous educated professionals and even entire companies are relocating to other parts of the world, looking for more economic opportunity and less taxation. The U.S. brain drain may have already begun.

Born on the 3rd of July – The Origin of the ‘Great Recession’

The ‘Great Recession’ began on the 3rd of July 2007. On that date, the most important document associated with the demise of the American economy – SEC Release No. 34-55970 – went into effect. The reason why, the Securities and Exchange Commission chose the day before a holiday, the 4th of July, which fell on a Wednesday, in the middle of a week when many Americans would be on vacation and financial institutions closed, was not coincidental.

US Double Dip Recession and What This Could Mean For Canadian Mortgage Rates

US fears of a double dip recession are slowly becoming a reality. Based on data released on housing, employment, construction and manufacturing it is becoming quite clear that things will more likely get worse before they get better with the world’s largest economy facing a huge uphill battle.

Consumer Predictions For 2011 – Will You Be Ready?

Many signs point to a continued economic downturn in 2011. We have compiled many sources to find what predictions might actually come true in the coming year. As a consumer in the marketplace, these predictions might save you a lot of money in the next 12 months.

The Great Government Spending Spree, and the Greater Lack of Results

Mr. Obama has spent astronomical sums since assuming office, yet we seem no better off. Part of the blame falls on his economic advisors, who have yet to receive the news that Keynesian, or Neo-Keynesian economics, died a long time ago.

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