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No Inflation After All

It’s unfortunate that this outlook means it will require weak economic growth to be sure prices stay down. Given the housing and credit problems, is the likely outcome.

Lowest Gas Prices – Will We Ever See Lower Gas Prices Than We Have Now?

Having the lowest gas prices today, tomorrow, or next year is one thing. Will we ever experience having the lowest gas price of around four dollars a gallon ever again? Probably not but remember, it is an election year for the U.S.! Can we expect better?

Current Housing Market Meltdown Only the First of Many Foreclosure Crises

With all of the bad economic news coming out every day, and the continuing collapse of housing prices and record foreclosure numbers, it often seems like the situation just can not get any worse. Unfortunately, the numbers being reported now about the number of foreclosures compared to a year ago quite underestimate the problem, as foreclosures take months to wind their way through the legal system.

Global Economy Flattens in Structural Change, Not Recession, Absent a Frontier

There is a massive buildup of wealth in the world. Something like 72 superyacht builders can’t keep up with demand. The business jet business is off the charts, and, for the first time, most purchases are by individuals, not corporations. What recession?

Are We Now in a Polar Bear Market?

As the economy continues to chill and the stock market dipped into Bear territory many are forecasting doom and gloom. Now it is generally accepted that the stock market leads the economy by 6-months and we have already seen major lay-off announcements by a good many of America’s Corporate Stars. As corporate executives try to return their stock price they realize they must cut costs, often that means more job cuts, which further weakens the overall economy.

College Bound Students Affected by Economic Downturn

High school seniors are faced with the daunting challenge of selection a college. The current economic downturn is altering their college choice decisions.

Remittances and International Aid – How to Make Them Work?

Public Foreign Aid has long been seen as a tool for promoting economic growth in developing countries. Aid amounts have been on a constant rise in recent years. But how has this money improved the lives of the people in poor countries? Why do poor countries turned to remittances as their last hope resulting to brain drain and social disruptions of families? Is it because of the insufficient development assistance they received? Is it possibly caused by the bundles of debts that most of their money goes to? Or is it simply due to poor governance? This article evaluates both the public and private foreign aid and their impact.

Will Online Booksellers Kill the High Street Bookstore?

Traditional bookstores have always existed on high streets, but in the digital age, the internet is proving to become a serious competitor to traditional brick and mortar stores. This article examines both sides of the coin and provides an appropriate insight into the phenomenon of shopping of books online.

Leadership, Financial Institutions and Awareness

Why do financial institutions leave so much on the table! When opportunity knocks answer the door. Awareness to exercise leadership is here and financial institutions retreat into the statistics while overlooking the obvious.

The Real Reason Why Gas Prices Are So High!

We’ve all been asking ourselves “Why are gas prices so high?” Do you think you know why gas prices are so high? The real reasons may surprise you!

Inflation and Its Consequences on Common Man

Today the price rise issue is emerging as the biggest challenge for the central government. Discussing about the reasons and consequences of inflation on common man, we discuss different issues and the steps govt. has taken. Inflation has left the common Indian community in debts that makes their lives stagnating. With so much happening, we get the perception that our government has not taken the necessary steps to tackle this ever lasting issue.

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