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Are the Civilizations of North America Moving Towards a Knowledge Base Economy?

Many economists, capitalists and government agency experts are watching manufacturing industries dwindle as they are unable to compete in world markets. It is therefore theorized by academics, policy makers and many economists that we must reposition ourselves and prepare for a knowledge based economy.

Rural Ruined Economy of India – No Magic Stick Part 4

My dear esteem ezine readers with new theme and analysis I am with you to debate on ruining effect of Indian rural economy. The article high lights various effect of last three budgets of India on a common man. It gives out various factors for such actions and analysis of metal versus grains preference of Indian planners.

Malaysian Gasoline Subsidies Are Unwarranted

Over the past two years, the Malaysian government has been cutting its subsidies of gasoline, causing much uproar amongst the public. However, these subsidies are a distortion of the market, and ending them is a wise thing to do.

Transportation and Economics in the United States

Billions if not Trillions of dollars of productivity are lost each year in our nation due to over stressed road ways. As citizens, trucking companies and government workers sit in traffic everyone loses whether it is the tax payer, consumer, employee or transportation company. Worse off we all pay by breathing in the increased CO2 that occurs due to idling cars putting out excess fumes.

The Wave of Changing Demographics and the Need for an Intellectual Capital Insurance Policy

As populations age there will be fewer people providing the productivity and more people on the public receiving side of things. This poses a problem for many nations including the United States. Recently, our Online Think Tank considered this and a member William Sheridan mentioned the need for an Intellectual Capital Insurance Policy for Canada and the US.

Deflation And Its Effects On The Economy

Deflation means the value of your money increases over time, as opposed to inflation. Why is that bad for the economy? Read on – and put on your thinking caps!

The Concept of Value

Does insurance really bring value to the person buying it? Read on – it’s time to do some thinking!

Why the Penny Should be Retired

Do you know it costs MORE to make a penny, than the value of the penny itself? If you have been provoked to think, do something about it!

Workers in Developed Countries are Not Creating Wealth

The vast majority of people in emerging economies work hard and honestly and they try to get something out of their hard work. It is a bit of exaggeration to say that most people in developed countries do not work hard or honestly, but too many people work in such ways that they do not exactly contribute to the development of their economies.

GM-Chrysler Merger Would Hurt State Budget

Auto industry is bombarded with plant closures, job cuts and vanishing confidences. And with the potential GM-Chrysler merger, it is expected that the financial system of the entire state, not only the industry, would be greatly hurt.

Low Inflation in the UK

Since the Bank of England was given independence in 1997 UK inflation has been close to the government’s target of 2% +/-1. This is a remarkable improvement for the UK economy. Previously the UK economy suffered from consistently high inflation. Eg in 1979 inflation reached 25%. In 1992 inflation reached 11%. Reasons for low inflation are a matter of debate. The question is how long will this continue?

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