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High Gas Prices When Will This Stop?

Looking into the future all we can see if high gas prices, when will this stop? Will we still be able to afford to drive our cars a year from now?

The Amazon Tax – Bad For Us

I made a purchase on Amazon about a week ago and while I was checking out, up came this message that told me starting June 1st, 2008, Amazon would have to collect a sales tax for New York State residents. I had heard about this “Amazon Tax” a few weeks prior and was disgusted by it.

Inflation – The Worst Tax

I had recently read a news article about a bill in the Senate that is designed to solve the root of the current housing crisis: foreclosures. My initial commentary on that article was not flattering to Senator Dodd and Senator Shelby. The fact of the matter is that these two gentlemen are missing the real root of the housing problem: inflation.

The Ever Increasing Crude Oil Price Rise

The price of crude gas oil is at an all time high, and is supposedly going to get worse. You must have come across the headline “Oil prices on all time high” a number of times, actually, this seems to be a usual dialogue. The prices of crude oil is increasing day by day and resulting in living to touch sky to remarkable high amounts in all aspects of routine needs.

Econ 101 – The $1 McDonald’s Menu

I hadn’t eaten at McDonald’s for several months; I have lost 20lbs in the past seven weeks; I decided yesterday that I had earned myself the privilege of a one cheeseburger meal for lunch. Not a two cheeseburger meal, not a big mac + a chocolate shake meal – a ONE cheeseburger meal…

If This is Your Economic Situation, Master the Art of Coping With It – Know THESE Well

You do not want to submit to the fact of the Pressure that mounts, you want to change it. So, see the signs and act accordingly, NOW!

No “Riding Out” Economic Downturn

There is no “riding out” the current economic crisis. If you follow the news you hear comments like: we can ride this downturn out, things have been worse, it won’t last too long, and the economy will turn around and other similar non-reassuring commentaries. These people have their heads in the sand; things will not return to “normal.

Inflation and Interest Rates Soar

Over the last few months, a staggering rise in food and energy prices combined with what many consider to be a much too weak dollar have pushed up the inflation rate to its highest level in many years, already reaching 4% in the first six months of 2008 (inflation rose 4.1% in all of 2007, and that was considered high). Although in the United States the real world price factors that are contributing to the rise in the overall inflation rate are contained within the food and energy industries, that’s not much comfort for people buying groceries, gasoline, and heating or air conditioning for their home. Higher transportation costs have partly been to blame for the rise in food prices.

The Price of Gold Per Ounce is Going to Go Ballistic – Find Out Why

The price of gold is surging today, closing with the biggest percentage gain in 16 months. On a long-term basis, the price of gold is going to go even higher. Read this article and find out why!

A Situation “Seen on the Surface” – How to Tackle It?

Population is high, so many people demanding a better lifestyle; a better standard of living. What is this? What do they really want?

Ready For Chindia’s Clout

The two most heavily populated countries in the world are China and India, with China holding the top world population position. Common but different, both are Asian nations that have large labor pools to draw from and at what a Westerner would consider to be dirt-cheap wages. Both countries are on the radar as business-aggressive and seeping into the world economy a little more each day.

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