Man Falls Into #MountVesuvius Crater And Survives

Bailout Man

Henry Paulson has done well for himself, but not necessarily as Treasury secretary. He has made some stumbles along the way, minimizing the spreading blaze of economic ruin while it became a four-alarm fire. Initially ignoring sage financial advice, Paulson is now leading the charge of throwing money at the problem.

What is Recession and How Can I Make Money During the Recession?

In this informative article we will talk about what is a recession, especially the economic and global recession we are experiencing right now, and how you can recession proof your business and find ways to make money during recession. Did you know that during a recession there are more opportunities to make money than ever before? The media is telling us horror stories about how awful the markets are and how badly the economic crisis is affecting us.

Benefit From the Recession!

The National Bureau of Economic Research effectively mastered the obvious Monday with the pronouncement that the U.S. economy is in a recession. Over the past 6 to 12 months, everyone from stockbrokers to street vendors have felt the pinch as the credit market dried up, jobs disappeared, and 401K’s were decimated. Although the average recession lasts 13 months, it’s becoming quite apparent that this most recent economic slowdown is anything but average.

Barack Obama is Going to Fix the Economy Once He’s President, Right?

Come next year we will have a new president of the United States of America named Barack Obama. He will be sworn in at a time of great economic turmoil. Not since the Great Depression have we seen such large scale financial impact to our banking industries.

Market Manipulations Come From Goldman, Citi, BoA, JP Morgan Investment Divisions

Bear Stearn and other investment firms merge with traditional banks, forming hybrid bank entities. And then the hedge fund investors disallow redemption. A few hedge fund manager collude with Goldman, Citi, BoA, JP Morgan investment divisions to manipulate the market.

Resilience of the Financial Markets in the Face of Colossal Corporate Failures!

In recent months, investors situated throughout the country have consistently endured reports of highly negative developments. In the wake of Lehman Brothers’ bankruptcy filing, the VIX, commonly referred to as the fear index, manifested gut-wrenching anxiety levels gripping the nation.

The Question Should Be Who Can Save The Big 3?

This was a question posted on CNN Money this week. Well, there is only one answer to this question and they (our government and some of our own people) forget this. We can, we can the American People.

Making the Most Out of the Recession Whether Your a Business Or Homeowner

he global financial situation is not that great at the moment but what can you do to make things better for yourself. No matter what business sector you are in or what level you are at in your job everyone can do things to make their life easier. It does not matter whether it is for the good of your business or for the good of your home and family. Simple rules such as reducing your debts and outgoing bills make sense for businesses and home owners alike.

What is Growth Domestic Product (GDP)

GDP represents (in dollars) the total value of all of a country’s goods and services being produced and consumed. In order to understand the GDP number, it is important to understand the followings that make up the GDP.

1930’s Stock Market Comparison

Taking a look at the history of the stock market as far back as the 1930’s may provide some insight to the current stock market situation. Some say there is no comparison, but others argue that there are to many similarities.

How Low Will Crude Oil Prices Go?

Today crude oil hit a new yearly low once again. Back in June I warned that commodities were in a bubble that looked ready to pop. Sure enough, the bubbles were pricked in July and it has been down, down, down ever since for the whole commodity complex. What am I saying now?

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