MTP NOW July 13 — Inflation woes; new Uvalde surveillance footage; Biden lands in the Middle East

What Money Is

A rather silly question, but what is money? Well yes I’m aware that it’s a form of currency used to exchange goods, but how many of us actually see beyond that definition to the real meaning of money? People often mistake money for power. Knowledge is power, money is help.

Manufacturing Not Enough For US Recovery

Grappling data and forecasts, it can be extremely difficult for individual investors to find a solid footing when they are making important investing decisions. Here we explain the reports that site strength in the U.S. manufacturing sector and break down feedback from actual managers. Learn why there are still significant headwinds growing in the face of the U.S. consumer and how a potential market correction could leave your portfolio in shambles. We will give you the ammunition to counter those who argue for a global economic recovery and the education to make your own decisions moving forward in 2010.

Bureaucrats Verses Bankers – Who You Ought to Blame Might Surprise You

Okay, call me silly, but I don’t think the founders of our great country ever had it in mind that a government bureaucrat, who produces nothing of value, innovates nothing, makes no profit, and takes no risk, makes twice what the average worker does in the private economy. Except that is exactly what has happened today!

Would Lowering the Fixed Cost Be Enough to Fix the Problem? Stories Behind Domestic Automakers

Year 2009 witnessed the bankruptcy of the world’s biggest automaker, GM, which was just a tip of an iceberg. The whole US auto sales plummeted to 10 million units, the lowest level since 1982. Apparently, the global financial downturn had huge impact on every aspect of the US auto sector.

US National Debt

The US national debt is rising rapidly. This article provides a history of the US national debt, both by the numbers and in the context of national and international events.

The Lost Decade – What it Means For the USA – Part I

Disturbing reports about the “lost decade” of the 2000’s have begun to surface, confirming what millions already knew. The decade that just past was the first in American history that resulted in zero net job creation and zero income growth. Every previous decade going back to the 40’s exhibited job growth in the ten year period of at least 20%.

Spain From Boom to Bust in Three Generations

Spain today, is a very different Country from the Spain that many of us lived in, and visited in the last decade. In reality experts foresaw the current collapse of an economy based on unsustainable credit, and real estate speculation, pulling out of Spain before the collapse of 2008. But what is the reality, and future of a once dubbed European Union success story?

Will Rising Oil Prices Finally Help Green Companies?

All indications report the second half of 2009 saw oil prices continue to escalate and many experts believe triple digit prices per barrel will be the norm again. Oil futures on the New York Mercantile Exchange have risen more than 50% since the beginning of 2009. Higher gas prices should have pundits predicting the American public will jump back onto the green energy band wagon. Are rising oil prices a boon to green companies as expected?

Reasons Why Gas Prices Get Expensive

Gas is one of the factors that fuels the economy of a country. Prices of gas is so expensive these days because of the profiteering plans by several players in the oil industry.

AT&T Layoffs – Downsizing is Reality

As a laid off employee of AT&T after 30 years, I fully understand why many friends are on edge in this economy. This article serves as a reflection of my experience from a year ago being laid off to encouragement to those being affected today.

The Future of the Hotel Industry

In the past year hotel business was down in several countries. People were spending more time vacationing close to home. Three main things decreased the amount of business to hotels. What were they? Did they impact the hotel industry for the long term? How did the industry respond? What about smaller hotels?

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