Nightly News: Kids Edition (July 14, 2022)

What Are Some Signs That the Economy is Improving?

The economy is a pressing issue on many people’s minds. What are some signs that it is improving?

Small Business in New Zealand – A Vital Component of the Economy

The release of the report ‘SME’s in New Zealand: Structure and Dynamics 2009’ has reconfirmed the strong contribution that small and medium sized businesses make to the economy, particularly noting that their dynamic and flexible approach has contributed to the economy’s successful return from economic hardship, providing the backbone to the New Zealand economy. Small business in New Zealand has always attracted a large pool of investors who wish to create their own future by being their own boss. Whether this is growing from the desire to create a flexible work-life balance or to initiate the beginnings of building…

Go Frugal and Help Remold a Post Bubble America

Frugality was once strictly for grandma and grandpa.. no more. The widespread acceptance and practice of frugality is an encouraging step toward greater self reliance. Frugality and conscious consumption will propel our society in a positive direction.

The Impact of Exchange Rates

In the current global financial environment, many businesses and countries are feeling the pressure brought down from the exchange rates of certain currencies. The economic recession and even depression in some countries has led to fluctuating exchange rates, affecting some companies negatively and others positively.

Expatriates Find Work in Global Village!

The global recession, has been a turn around for many. Expatriates for one reason have suffered less as compared to anyone else. Expatriates, as their name say, are out from their countries to find work. This typically means that their monetary interests are elsewhere and their incentives remain intact somewhere else.

How New Zealand’s Economy Will Play Out in 2010

Tourism is considered the largest contributor to New Zealand’s economy. In this short article I try to evaluate the countries confidence and strength in overcoming the financial crisis of the past 18 months.

Colorado Continues to Suffer Economically – More Job Losses on the Way

All across the nation, people have their eyes on the economic recovery that they hope to see coming down the road any moment; in some places this trend has already started, but in others like Colorado, the recovery and subsequent rebalancing is still off in the future. Recovery from this recession is forecasted to be slower in the mountain states than in other parts of the country.

Nouriel Roubini – The Economist Who Foresaw the Global Financial Crisis

Nouriel Roubini, a professor of economics at New York University, is now a global celebrity who dines with heads of states and central bank governors across the world. Just some years back he was an obscure academic known to nobody outside his field. The reason for his overnight rise to fame is one thing – he predicted the financial crisis that gripped the whole world.

The New Bubble – An Exciting Future in Capital Markets and the Role of National Economies

Of utmost importance is today’s diversity in the field of investors. There is no choice but for investors to leave traditional rating instruments behind and take on companies with certain risk factors.

APOCALYPSE – 2011 – The Looming Prospect of a Stock

If you thought that the worst is over for the stock markets, think again. Analysts who are trying to paint a rosy picture for the economy would have you believe that this is the beginning of a long bull market.

Four Reasons This Recession Will Not Become a Depression

Learn about the Great Depression and see the four facts on why we will likely never see such a horrible event again. The media loves to ignore these four facts.

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