NYC Reported Monkeypox Cases Almost Double In Past Five Days

Save Money on Gas

GAS PRICES are at $4.00 a GALLON. Unbelievable! Is it really possible to save money on gas by supplementing gas WITH WATER? Hop on the wave of the future with water powered vehicles.

The Economics of Pride

Pride has its influence on economics. It starts on a micro-economic scale. A (cultural) factor that must taken into account when making a macro-economic forecast.

MIFID in Asia – How Europe’s Biggest Regulatory Change In Years Will Impact Asia

Free-trade in financial services is the objective of the European Commission’s Financial Services Action Plan (FSAP) under the Markets in Financial Instruments Directive (MiFID). Will opening competition for investment firms in Europe impact Asia? This article explains what MiFID is and what Asian financial firms can expect.

Recession or Not? The Answer Lies in the Physics

Economics and physics are generally regarded as vastly different disciplines. Many are recognizing the convergence of quantum physics and theology. Can quantum physics also explain the current US economy?

Bankrupt Economy A Result of Morally Bankrupt Politics And Financially Bankruptcy Banks

With the passage of the poorly-named “Foreclosure Prevention Act,” the somewhat-elected representatives of a small percentage of the people of the country have passed legislation that will only hurt more homeowners. Although ostensibly designed to provide more resources to assist homeowners in foreclosure, the bill actually rewards those parties (banks and homebuilders) who have profited most from the real estate bubble.

Collapse Of Housing Market Just The Beginning Of Economic Downturn

The housing crisis is, unfortunately, one of the last steps in the leveraged buyout of the country by the banking system, which controls and creates the money used by every person. The banks will either own the real estate, or they will have helped to inflate and crash the markets so that homeowners owe far more on their properties than they are worth or could ever pay back.

Alabama and Its New Economy

Alabama is growing faster than most of the remainder of the country providing significant opportunities for the future. Investments in infrastructure going on now indicate even greater chances for growth. The statistics are pretty amazing

The Only Real Long-Term Threat to the U.S. Economy

The bank crisis… the banks will get over it. Remember the bad loans to the tech industry, third-world countries, and the Resolution Trust fiasco of the 1980s? The banks always recover. So does Wall Street. The housing market crisis… it too will eventually go away. Property booms are followed by property busts. It has always worked that way.

The Crash Of The Century

Only those private equity deals that concentrate on restructuring the company and providing sound management with good sustained earnings growth will survive. Others that relied on cheap borrowing in boom times are in trouble as asset prices fall and exit routes become extremely difficult due to poor market sentiment.

What If the Economists and Analysts Are Wrong Again?

Every major American newspaper and business magazine I saw last month carried at least one major article reporting that the U.S. economy was in a free fall with no end in sight. The worst might have been the last issue of “Business Week,” with a front cover story about the recession. What if the newspapers and magazines are wrong about the economy?

Corporate Governance In Indian Banks

The concept of corporate governance, which emerged as a response to corporate failures and widespread dissatisfaction with the way many corporates function, has become one of the wide and deep discussions across the globe recently. It primarily hinges on complete transparency, integrity and accountability of the management. There is also an increasingly greater focus on investor protection and public interest.

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