Panel: GOP Support For Former President Trump Is Declining

The Working Chinese Girl

In this paper I would like to explore the world of young Chinese women competing in a modern China for jobs and the fulfillment of the ambitions they left University with but by and large feel unfulfilled. In China today more and more young women are leaving University and seeking their first job.

Chinese Consumer Behavior – Impact of Regional Differentiation on Consumerism in China

The 2008 McKinsey Annual Chinese Consumer Survey presented an analysis on how the key buying factors in the Chinese market are influenced by China’s geographic segmentation. Out of the eight key buying factors analyzed, six were found to be largely differentiated by regions, rather than by city tiers.

The Recession – Over Or Coming to an End?

This past year has been a very trying and testing time for most people, what with the credit crises, the mortgage meltdown and the biggest recession the world has ever seen. As of today Ben Bernanke stated that he believes the recession is nearly over (I believe we bottomed out in the last week of February/first week of March) and that the economy shows signs of improvement. I hope this is the case as everybody has been affected by this recession in one way or another.

Changing With the Economy

Learn how to recognize the current economic trend and change with it. See how you can better prepare your self for tough times.

The True Cause of the Global Financial Meltdown

The true cause of the global financial meltdown does not lie in the actions of individuals. It lies in a fundamental aspect of the system itself.

Plight of the Garment Workers in Bangladesh

Exploitations of industrial workers are not new in our country, it is been happening for decades. Guided by the lust of more profitability the owners of the industries exploit their workers by giving less wages, deny overtime payments, deprive them of bonuses and even no payment of salaries, finding no other alternative to realize their payments and demands the workers in many occasions in the past strike their industries, demonstrated in the factory premises and on the streets.

The Recession and Future Employment Prospects

In the United States and many other locations around the world there was a massive recession declared during the autumn of 2008. This meant fewer jobs and less money all round. Everybody should have been prepared for this economical meltdown, but nobody, including experienced business leaders could have predicted the vast scale of this contraction. It came like a tornado, wiping out firms like Bear Sterns, Lehmann Brothers and a total of 93 Banks. It also changed the way people hire and fire. Now employers are looking for those who are more flexible.

Why Social Security Sucks

As Americans, we are forced to contribute to Social Security. But when our efforts are directed to a private retirement program, how does that compare the mandatory government run program?

The Economy, The Housing Market and President Obama

The year 2009 will go down in history as one of the most significant and historical moments for our nation. It is the 2009 the American economy is suffering from what many considered to be a full blown recession. President Barrack Obama has stepped onto the scene and delivered some controversial yet well needed help to the American people.

Gold and Its Role in the US’ National Defense

Secretary of the Treasury is concerned that the current economic crisis will rival the problems that the Great Depression caused. Congress has been warned that the crisis will not go away quickly without government intervention. Economists are warning this could be the worst financial crisis the world has ever known.

Industry Recession Harming Older Employees

You know, since the economic crisis ant the recession that begun on 2007, many industries on the USA were forced to dislodge their factories to countries where the production cost would be lowered. Unfortunately, this action bought a crushing consequence to many Americans: massive discharging.

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