Parkland Father Who Interrupted Biden Calls On President To Appoint Gun Czar

Go American

Some of us laughed at the ‘organic’ movement but it has taken root and become a settled part of our social consciousness. We can make the ‘Go American’ movement work too. It will take a conscious effort by every American concerned about his/her future or that of the next generation. Sitting by idly or ignorantly and doing nothing is clearly not a solution.

City Downtown Revitalization Idea Worth Exploring

If you travel down many of the international retail business districts in the major cities in the United States, you will see “For Lease” signs, and empty storefronts. Nothing could be more detracting for a commercial property owner trying to lease their building, especially when you have neighboring buildings empty.

The Evolved and Enabled Envious Employees – Union Labor and Economic Trouble

It seems like every time a troubled industry starts to make money, the labor unions in those large companies in those industries demand more money, and if they don’t get it, they will strike. This is one reason the airline industry cannot re-invent itself, innovate, or buy more fuel-efficient airplanes to help it to greater profitability. The auto industry desperately needed to re-tool to build smaller cars instead of SUVs due to the higher fuel prices.

“Socialism is a Rat – Prosperity is It’s Prey” He Said and He Was Right

It is no surprise that those that lean towards the right and those who lean towards a libertarian point of view on the political spectrum are no fans of socialism. Any honest historian will tell you that socialism doesn’t work and if you talk to any first generation Eastern Europeans living in the United States you will find that they came to the United States as immigrants to get away from socialism. In fact, they are completely adamant about the destruction and devastation that occurs economically when socialism rules the day.

We Hope Your Parachute is Green?

So many people in America have been laid off and we are likely to see another jobless economic recovery. That is unfortunate for so many, but indeed, with less spending from consumers, more savings, fewer folks racking up credit card debt, and less trade, manufacturing, shipping, travel, etc, etc, well all that should be expected.

Money Market – President Obama’s Speech on Wall Street Regulation

This week President Obama was in Wall Street, New York making a keynote speech on the need for regulations in the money market. Obama made major comments on the way business was done on Wall Street to the dismay of some key stake holders. Actually, many have come out strongly in opposition to his proposed government regulation in the economic sector.

The Recession is Over, in Case You Hadn’t Noticed

The Associated Press reported recently that a new government survey indicates that the recession is over. However, what no one can predict is how deeply the so called Great Recession has permanently changed Americans’ spending habits.

The Recession Budget Stretcher

The economy is slowly making a come back but no matter what anyone chooses to call it, we have been going through a recession. From the top to the bottom of the economic ladder, we have all been impacted on some level. The good news is that there are some minor adjustments that we can make to help alleviate the strains.

Will the US Lose Super Power Status Due to GDP and Population Growth Charts?

Most economists acknowledge that increased population growth, and a growing GDP allows nations to rise very quickly to first world status, and then once they reach an equilibrium it becomes much harder to stay at the top of the food chain. So, not long ago, I was mentioning this to an acquaintance who told me that; “In fact the chances are high that it will tear you apart,” meaning that the US will lose its Super Power Status due to GDP growth crossing the Population Growth chart. But, is this true?

Humility, Honesty, Integrity Are Scarce Commodities and Cannot Be Bought in the Commodities Market

There are times when we need to do more than just say that we are going to return to basics. We need to return to basics. I write this article one year on from the collapse of Lehman’s bank which had so many international tentacles resulting in various international disasters.

5 Items to Fix the US Economy

A look at 5 key areas in the US economy that need to continued improving. Since the Spring, the stock market has been on a tear based on these 5 items. Without continued improvement, the US risks a double dip recession.

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