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Where Does Price Inflation Come From?

Some economists might have us believe that all price inflation comes from increased earnings levels, and they might go so far as to say that the increase in earnings accounts for all inflation, but is this really the case? Let’s discuss this premise for a moment, because, I disagree and you might learn something from my explanation here. Better yet, perhaps you might have a comment that enlightens me!

Who Should Appoint the Governor of a Central Bank?

Currently, the President of the United States appoints the Federal Reserve Chairman, however, because this is such an important position and because it must be separated the political leadership, it is my contention that we must change all that. Here below are my suggestions; The Federal Research Chairman should be selected using the following voting right percentages; In the US 60 Industries should put forth 2-individuals, each with 25% of one vote. Each US State should put forth an elected team of five individuals, and that team will decide amongst themselves and get 50% of one vote each…

Results of the Economic Recession – Explore the Benefits

Economic recessions bring on hardships. They also bring on opportunities such as those listed in the article.

Tips to Survive the Bad Economy

Everything nowadays seems to be affected by the economic crisis. Everyone is asking if the world will be able to survive this crisis because this has been, by far, the worse crisis since the Great Depression. However, what’s more crucial is the question: how can I survive this bad economy?

What is a Double Dipped Recession?

There are rumors and bigger rumors, but 2010 for many people involved in economics has been the year more experts are openly discussing the possibility of a double-dip recession. What is a double dip recession?

Homelessness in Montana

Most cities in Montana from the largest to the smallest have an invisible homeless population. Bozeman’s HRDC (Human Resource Development Council) sees an average of three to five families a week.

Exchange Rate – Costa Rica Colons and Dollars

Establishing an exchange rate that makes economic sense is just a first step for national development. Costa Rica would do well to strengthen its state institutions and define development goals, not by emulating China, but by leaving aside the dogmas of monetarism and neo-liberalism and replacing the Central Bank personnel with figures that look to Costa Rica’s strong tradition of social democracy and social justice and to its South American neighbors who have learned their sad lessons from 20 plus years of globalization orthodoxy and taken new, progressive directions.

Free Market Capitalism is the Worst Economic System

Sir Winston Churchill famously quipped: “It has been said that democracy is the worst form of government except all the others that have been tried.” With apologies to Mr. Churchill, I would suggest a modernization of that quote based on today’s political/economic environment in the United States.

Will Trillion Dollar Deficits Lead Us Into Anarchy?

What does the burgeoning world debt mean to our future? What about the yearly multi-trillion dollar U.S. deficits? What signals are hinting that economies around the globe may be growing unstable? Are we being led to the trough of complacency by a systematic program of propaganda?

Three Expanding Small Businesses in Greece, Portugal and Spain

The economies of Greece, Portugal and Spain are badly hit by the recession, yet despite the bad news about all these three economies- some businesses are doing well. Each business is not a corporation or a business linked with the government- but a private enterprise that has expanded continually since 2008. What factors make these three small businesses beat the recession?

Future of the Housing Market

The general thought out there seems to be that the housing market has been bolstered by the tax credit–which was the point–and now will come tumbling down again. Maybe not, says University of Chicago economist Casey Mulligan. Even the home price index report points out that May is historically a strong month for home sales.

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