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China – The Next Ill-Wind?

It’s been one world economically, a global village, for years now. The competition between major countries is no longer fought on the high seas, or on land with vast armies, but in board rooms and markets.

State Budgets in Crisis – More Unemployment Ahead

Since the beginning of the current recession, state revenues from taxes, fees, etc., are down dramatically. Models of state government that had been the way things operated since the 50’s and 60’s are often outdated and expensive. Many solutions, some radical but most not so, are being looked at all over the country. No matter what happens, one of the major results is going to be loss of jobs among state employees.

Q3 GDP Growth Review – Is US Economy Headed Out of Recession?

A pall of gloom seemed to have hit the US economy, with the US commerce department revising downwards, Q3 GDP growth estimates at an annualized rate to 2.2%, from the earlier 3.5%, which had been revised downwards to 2.8%. This suggests that the US economy did not grow as fast as earlier estimates had implied, dampening the positive mood that the economy had swung into.

Economic Recovery – US Economy Still Fragile?

The US economy made some gains, when its GDP took a positive growth turn last quarter of 2009. However, the chairman of the US Fed feels that it was too early to assume that the recovery will last. His prime concern appears to be elevated unemployment, which is yet to end the negative cycle.

Profits Over People – It’s Only Human Nature

From British Petroleum’s culpability in the Gulf of Mexico oil spill, to the government Minerals Management Service that was supposed to be regulating offshore drilling and didn’t, to the healthcare industry busily finding ways to evade oversight, people have taken a backseat to profits. The “excuse” has been that it’s only “human nature” to avoid responsibility. But saying it’s “human nature” is like saying the sun will come up in the morning. It explains nothing and allows us to avoid having to take action and be accountable for our activities.

What is Your Job Future in America?

It’s a tough slog. Increased small business’s participation in world trade, with emphasis on manufacturing, and improvement of the education system in the U.S. will go a long way towards job improvement opportunities.

First Argentina and Now the EU – Who Will Be Next?

To be realistic, we have to recognize that the federal government’s growth rate has been accelerating, and is continuing to accelerate, under the present administration, while at the same time, the private sector is continuing to shrink. So, the real question is “How will the government sustain itself?”

US Consumer Confidence Up But Consumer Spending Down

This is not a comedy of errors, but a real life scenario, where the Consumer Board survey suggested a strengthening of the consumer confidence in November, but US GDP growth took a beating on the back of constrained consumer spending. While, suggesting stronger consumer confidence for November, the Conference Board also suggested that US consumers continue to be anxious about the state of the US economy and are in a frugal spending mood.

Obama Health Care – How it Affects Middle Class Americans

Obama health care has received mixed emotions from people all over the nation. Some are in favor, others feel that the government has completely taken control of their rights.

How to Survive a Recession Now and in the Future

Surviving is all up to you. Do you want to learn how to survive a recession?

Developments Leading to the Icelandic Financial Crisis

The Icelandic financial crisis was surely due to a systemic malady and also due to the over-valuation of Kroner, apart from a whole host of other reasons. But, what happened on various sectors that led to the financial crisis in Iceland is important to be known.

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