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The New Capitalism

It has been said that Capitalism, as an economic system, is not up to the challenges which face humanity in the 21st Century; that due to the emphasis on delivering a product at minimal costs to maximize profits do not take environmental and other factors into account. There is a cry out for more government interference into the business community to solve the problems of the environment and of ethical matters in general. I argue that government regulation is not only unnecessary but that it is also an impediment to solving the problems facing us today.

Cap And Trade

Our utility bills may go up 50% next year if cap and trade passes. Contact your Senators to express your views on this matter. It has already passed the House, but not the Senate.

Growth In US Economy – A Glimmer Of Hope For The US Economy

In the midst of chances of the US economy going into a double dip recession and experiencing deflation, came a glimmer of hope, with US factory output growing 1.1% in July over the output in June. The growth was the fastest in a year and was a key economic parameter, the growth in which provided some relief to policy makers in the otherwise gloomy economic environment.

2010 – The Credit Crisis Hangover Explained For You!

There are big changes coming, and the credit crisis did happen for a reason. But why? Here is why in 2010 we are still feeling the hangover from the credit crisis!

The Knowledge Based Society – An Almost Perfect World

A look at how our world and economy will develop into a Knowledge based society. What were the previous societies based on and what brought about the changes.

World GDP Rates and What They Mean For Our Economic Recession

So many of us today are having to struggle to keep our businesses alive. Whether you own a small home based business or are in the world of network marketing, having a basic understanding of measures such as world GDP rates can be very valuable. Keep reading and I’ll explain.

Recessions in History and What They Can Tell Us About Our Current Economic Recession

While we all continue to struggle through the current economic recession, we keep hearing about these elusive signs of recovery. Actually, when you compare our current crisis with the recessions in history it provides some useful information. Continue reading and I’ll explain.

4 Indicators of Inflation and What They Mean For Your Financial Well-Being

To define inflation is to state that the purchasing power of a national currency has decreased significantly. While our dollar has been on a steady decline for years, recently we’ve all felt the difficulties related to the current recession. While many economists refer to the “business cycle” in which recessions are expected on a cyclical basis, there are a few things you should know about the reasons for financial crisis today that may be indicators of inflation getting worse. Keep reading to learn more.

Should You Listen to the Economic “Experts?”

Everybody’s got an opinion. Everybody can back it up with all kinds of research. But at the end of the day, remember that if somebody really knew what the heck was going on, we’d all be lined up outside their door!

Government Takeover is Never a Good Idea

Today, the government is ideologically wedded to intervention in the economy in a style and scope very like that of the federal intervention in the Great Depression. You don’t need a weatherman to know which way this wind is going to blow.

Capitalism – Obama Fails Miserably

I’m amazed at the ignorance when it comes to economics in this country. Is it any wonder that socialist leaning politicians have raised taxes to the point that you have to work til May to pay them?

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