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Folks are Fearful of the US and Global Economy – Worried About Financial Armageddon – Don’t Be

Not long ago, an acquaintance had been online visiting various conspiracy theory websites. Yes, I am sure we’ve all read a headline somewhere and ended up at one of these sites, but it has really affected his ability to think. Now he’s worried about the Dollar Collapsing after it is unseated from its position at a global reserve currency.

The Definition of Economics – Gaining A Better Understanding Of How The Economy Works

Knowing the definition of economics doesn’t mean anything as far as having a good understanding of how the economy works. In capitalism, the economy works because its rules coincide with the rules of human nature. Therefore, when anything interferes with these laws business growth will be squelched and the economy is stifled. This article explains.

The Importance of Reading Economic Articles

Reading economic articles is one way of informing yourself on how the economy is fairing. There are many places where you can read economic articles from and they include newspapers, business journals and the internet. The reason for this is for you to be informed and be able get a good perspective on the economy.

Personal Responsibility: No Strings Attached?

I’ve made two points repeatedly, and I saw a movie last weekend that confirmed ’em both. One point is that there are two kinds of people out there: I call them the Entrepreneur and the Victim.

‘Functionally Bankrupt,’ But Honest About It

A guy told me the other day that he is “functionally bankrupt.” He has around $57 billion in outstanding debt (it takes awhile to add it all up), but he’s planning to borrow $5 billion more in the next year or so. Would you like to lend him some of that money? I wouldn’t. The guy is New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo.

Solutions To Today’s Economy

In view of the effort President Obama has recently made by signing various bills into act that will alleviate some of the problems associated with today’s economy by creating more jobs, demand accountability and transparency of government and financial institutions, enable the flow of credit so small businesses can rebuild, I believe there is something all of us can do to help on a more personal level. This economic crisis has taught us what happens when financial institutions and stock markets fail to operate effectively. Unfortunately the biggest impact from this crisis was felt by the working class and…

HIV Cure Research Severely Underfunded

AIDS is one of the non-curable disease that’s still considered very dangerous and life threatening. Until now no one has been able to find the cure, although there are many HIV research projects have been done. Unfortunately, not everyone thinks that this dangerous disease needs to be taken serious since not many institutions or foundations would be willing to fund the researches, which is too bad because many years more and more people are dying because of AIDS, and many of them are children.

Christmas Spending

Spending So the 2010 Christmas season has come and gone and (according to the data I have heard bantered about) it appears we had a pretty big holiday buying season. I am somewhat surprised as it seems (by the data) people are buying stuff and yet unemployment is still high and the people I know seemed to spend the same amount of dollars or (most likely) less. I am not sure if this is just numbers beating skewed down expectations or real demand.

What Caused the Great Depression?

In the recent times that I define as the Great Recession, Americas volatile economy has put its citizens through a roller coaster series of situations and events which has left many of us financially crippled. With a major depression already on the books (the Great Depression) and a recession that does not seem to be improving so much, I feel that in order to avoid another depression we must first take a look at what caused it in the first place.

How Alternative Energy Sources May Affect the Economy

Electricity power cities and cities will just be another set of land without business in it. This is the basic functions of economy, when there’s business there’s progress.

Government Versus Private Sector Failures Considered – Book Recommendations

All too often, the political pundits, especially those who are anti-capitalist by nature, and perhaps even closet socialists, although we are not allowed to say that – seem to point fingers at free markets, companies, Wall Street, investment banks, and large corporations as the reason, claiming they are fault that we go through economic cycles. I’d like to explain why it is generally government’s interference in the private sector the causes failures, bubbles, and eventually crisis. For instance, let’s take Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, they are quasi-government agencies, and they were allowed to circumvent the rules because the…

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