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Federal Reserve Deception – Part 2

The federal reserve system is a private corporation. This organization influences the strength of the American dollar without audit or accountability.

Stimulus Induced Growth – Is it Global Recovery on Steroids?

In the first half of 2009 stimulus packages were injected into economy of each country, which managed to perk up the respective ailing economies from the brink of recession. This shot in the arm has been eloquently described by many economists as equivalent to keeping the world economy on steroids. I won’t mind going along with such succinct description of the present state of global economy. The economic recovery from Mar 2009 low is definitely because of the steroids pumped into each nation’s economy. And as it always happens with pumping steroids, recovery has been really spectacular. So spectacular has been the global economic recovery that one cannot be faulted for being believing that global economy has made a V-shaped recovery. But this is where one should draw the line. Stop and think – rationalize! Someday sooner than later, effect of steroids is bound to wear off. What happens then???

Hyperinflation in America

As citizens we have the obligation to wake up to the economic forces in our lives. To understand hyperinflation you first have to understand the meaning of the word inflation. Inflation is simply a rise in the general price level that results in the decline of purchasing power of money.

New Money is Not Your Friend

The articles of the Constitution specifically state that, “…gold and silver shall be the official currency…”. Do you work to earn your money? If so, then please read this.

The American Dollar in 10 Years

Monetizing the national debt will increase inflation. Individuals must take control of their economic security. Surface attempts to manage the economy are deceptive.

Has the American Dollar Been Destroyed?

Shifting from a production based economy to an information service economy has weakened the influence of the dollar bill. Political decisions made for the benefit of a select few produces economic instability for the general population.

How Consumerism is Shifting With the Economy

It seems that right now, in this moment in time, all of America is anxious. We are anxious about our jobs, we worry about our bills, and we always have money on the mind. This is a given. With the devastating effects of the recession still circulating, the ways in which consumers are changing are painfully obvious. Based on consumer reports and economic data, most Americans are turning to other alternatives.

Ever Wonder How a Hat is Made? A Visit to See How Women’s Summer Hats Are Made in China

Perhaps you think that a few big machines somewhere are automatically cutting up the cloth, weaving the straw, sewing it all together and popping out the finished product. I know, because that’s what I thought too, before going to visit some hat “factories.” There were dozens in a rural area where many so-called peasants make their livings.

World Economy – Are We Doomed?

Are we doomed, or will it all just blow over? I’d love to tell you it’s the latter, however I think we all know by now that a global meltdown is upon us.

Get an Idea of How Many People in Your Area Typically Send Money to Guatemala

Before you send money to Guatemala, look at the statistics surrounding remittances to this area. You might find that it helps you decide on a method.

Unemployment, Lay-Offs, and Our Economy – What to Believe?

Is our economy really improving, or is our government covering up the fact that it continues in a steady downward motion? These questions asked and more. Interesting employment facts as well.

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