Ukraine, Russia Conduct Biggest Exchange Of Prisoners Of War Since Invasion

The Media’s Effect on the Stock Market and Economy

The Media may have a bigger impact on the Economy then you would ever imagine. In the last 6 months, it seems as though we have gone from the war in Iraq being the big news maker, to the economy, and how terrible it is being the headline grabber. So the questions are, does the US media have a direct impact on the stock market, and further more the economy as a whole? Does over reporting the negative hurt the populous even more, and will the media have a role in the recovery of this ragged economy?

Get Tough During Tough Times

How many of us feel like salmon swimming upstream trying to avoid being eaten by a bear market? It is affecting all of us in one way or another. We find ourselves changing our way of looking at things during times like this, – because we have to to survive. Some modes of thinking lead to crime and other such unprofitable activity, as human trafficking. That is not the answer. But it does demonstrate what can happen when people get desperate. Business owners change tactics in order to hang on to valuable employees, and that while trying to still make a profit. Their infrastructure changes with leanness, and more innovative ways of marketing, and self positioning for when the bear stops biting, and the bull starts charging back…

Obama Stimulus Money Dropping Mortgage Rates

There are some good effects of the so called Obama Stimulus money on mortgage rates. The present thirty year fixed mortgage rates have gone down to it’s lowest in more than fifty years according to a report from This really signals the best time to get mortgage refinancing especially if you are on the higher end of an adjustable rate mortgage. President Obama’s stimulus money that has provided relief to the largest financial institutions in the US is starting to show some signs that it is helping mortgage rates to go down.

TFS Workgroup Edition Tackles the Economy

President Obama is doing everything he can to assure the public that our economy will rebound. In recent months, major company’s value has plummeted.

What IF the Recession IS Good For US? I See the Positive in These Changing Times – Can You?

You don’t have to be stuck in the rut most Americans are in these days. It’s your choice whether or not you see and react to the current economic climate, or what the media and government calls “the recession,” in a negative way, or a positive way. Is this something that would be helpful to you right now? You don’t have to participate in all that. REALLY! I don’t!

Cost For Bankruptcy? Bankruptcy Lawyers’ High $1,000-Per-Hour Fees Versus AIG High Bonuses – Outrage

What is the cost for bankruptcy today? Is there cheap bankruptcy for American debtors? Any low cost bankruptcy in affordable range? Today, as Americans are rightly outraged over the AIG Bonus and Excessive Corporate Compensation issue, the American Bankruptcy Lawyers’ show no hint of showing responsibility or sacrifice as they reportedly continue to demand and collect $1,000-per-hour fees for corporate bankruptcy work!

Economic Recession Simplified

The impact of this global recession has raised many questions in the minds of people. Even those who had no inkling of what the words “economy” and “recession” meant are suddenly asking questions. Unfortunately, there not many answers forthcoming, and those that are, are shrouded in high brow financial jargon. This article is an attempt to explain to the layperson the causes behind the present economic recession in simple, clear English.

The 912 Project Review

A brief introduction into the 912 project foundational principles and values. You will discover 5 of the 9 principles and 5 of the 12 values taught by Glenn Beck and the 912 project. At the end of the article you will be introduced to a video that will reveal all principles and values as well as an opportunity to participate by empowering yourself towards your own financial bailout plan.

Boating Safety and the Credit Crisis

Boating safety and the current credit crisis may seem unrelated, but recent indicators may predict a rise in boating accidents due to cut-backs forced by growing financial challenges. An article appearing in the January 29th, 2009 edition of Lloyd’s List reports that 71% of its readers expect the credit crisis to negatively affect recently improved shipping safety.

The Future of Our Banking System

Banking has never been a contentious subject, not until many of our Banks became exposed in the 2008 Crisis and had to be bailed out by our Governments. Opinion is divided to whether these badly managed Banks should have been saved by taxpayers money, but one question we should ask is What is their future?.

A Case For Economic Protectionism

Economists fear the current financial crisis may stimulate protectionist policies. Is it really that bad of an idea?

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