Ukraine’s First Lady Meets With Dr. Jill Biden To Discuss Mental Health Support

12 Steps to Improve Gas Mileage

Doing some or all of these will help get more mileage from your car. Learning to do these things your self will not only save on gas mileage but will save you money.

Government Involvement in the Foreclosure Mess

It is worth considering if the Congress is able to step in and renegotiate voluntary mortgage contracts and what the implications would be if such actions were taken. Many laws are designed to protect the rights of two parties who enter into a contract, while others are designed to protect both parties from certain unlawful actions of the other in regards to that contract.

Free Trade Has Only Made Matters Worst When It Comes To Illegal Immigration

As illegal immigration takes over as a top election issue, a Wall Street Journal- NBC News News poll reports – by nearly a two-to-one margin, Republican voters believe Free Trade is bad for the U.S. economy, a shift in opinion that mirrors Democratic views and suggests trade deals could face high hurdles under a new president. However, there still is another untold story behind this news.

How Far Can the US Consumer Be Pushed – China on Thin Ice of Future Boycott

It seems that there is a bit of backlash in China these days as bloggers bad mouth the United States of America online. How can this be, the United States has taken a severe economic hit due to our free-trade stance on China.

Best Way to Spur the Economy in 2008 – Close As Much of the Bureaucracy as Possible

As the United States slips into a mild recession in 2008, which will last well into 2009, we see a huge problem with job losses and lay-offs. But there is even a harsher challenge on the horizon – Small Business Failures. Typically, small businesses employ two-thirds of the US workforce and when they have severe financial stress there is not a whole lot left to hold up the economy. You can see how the spiral can spin out of control; but what can we do?

The Impending Subprime Interest Rate Freeze

The White House is working with lenders to attempt to freeze rates on subprime mortgages in an effort to lower the number of potential foreclosures due to the subprime mortgage crisis. The White House has recently unveiled a plan to help mitigate the wave of foreclosures that have recently swept the US as reports continue to predict that an even greater number (some estimate as much as 2 million) of Americans are likely to default within the next year.

Weathering the Storm of the Slipping Dollar

This article concerns the recent loss of value of the US dollar relative to other currencies and the possible positive effects thereof. The greenback has been slipping against the euro, the Chinese Yuan, and the pound for the past nine months or so, reaching record lows amidst a global credit crunch and plummeting real estate prices. What does this mean for US growth?

Understand How the U.S. Economy Works

Do you understand how the U.S. economy works? Discover the 3 most important variables, the definition of Recession, and much more in simple language.

Big Box Stores and Local Economics

The Wal-Mart Phenomena is interesting. Wal-Mart today is the biggest supplier of goods to the American People, it is the biggest employer and could be said to be the distribution system for the Nation. No wonder all large corporations study its transportation and distribution models, Wal-Mart has won the game. Thanks in good part to a very wise man, who knew his business like the back of his hand.

Basement Renovations ‘Add Both Space And Value To A Property’

Refurbishing a basement can be an effective way for homeowners to increase the amount of space they have in their homes, an industry expert has reported. According to Alan Tovey, director of the Basement Information Centre, getting such renovation work done can not only contribute an extra room to people’s property but also boost the value of their home.

Small Businesses Not Increasing in the Buying of New Equipment

Worried about the Over All Economy? Well, I am and as an Economic Advisor to the Online Think Tank, well that’s my job, to watch the trends, charts, world issues and put it all together. There are a few economic indicators that I follow quite closely in judging the US Economy in forecasting and these indicators are probably not what you think.

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