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Facing the Global Economic Crisis

Since 2008 and the stock market crash, people now do not know what to do with the global economic crisis coming our way. Part 2 of this is come very soon.

Large Scale Corruption in the Developed World

This article compares the difference between the small scale corruption in developing countries and the large scale corruption in the developed world. The “North” in this article refers to the developed world.

Don’t Be Dissing Disdeflation!

If you find yourself confused over the inflation and/or deflation issues our nation faces, I guarantee you, you are not alone. Indeed, when we watch the financial news stations, everyone has a different opinion of what’s going on, and what will happen in the future. And to top it all off they all disagree on how much each type of inflation, stagflation, disflation, disdeflation, deflation, and to what degree each will, or may occur?

Economic Development in Korea

This abstract will covers the economic development situation in North and South Korea. This will also discover the industry between North and South Korea. To know the foreign trade relations in North and South Korea for their economic development.

Still Searching For Paul Revere!

News flash: Erskine Bowles and Alan Simpson have both lost in their competition to be designated this century’s Paul Revere. The audition (conducted as a bipartisan charade) might qualify as an attempt at gallows humor.

Where Is the Lockbox?

During the second term of President Clinton a primary talking point by him along with his Republican legislative enablers was to highlight the lockbox. This was the vessel to be used by our government to deposit the Social Security surplus.

The Virus of Financial Collapse

The story told in a New York Times article, West Is in Talks on Credit to Aid Poorer Nations, is finally getting to the core of how widespread the damage may be from the current crisis in world financial markets.  What was once thought to be an American problem, with Europeans claiming they weren’t vulnerable to the errant decisions of Wall Street, is now revealing itself to be something of a monetary virus.

Globalisation to Protectionism

It appears that the ‘globalisation’ era maybe tempering down, hopefully not coming to an absolute end. My hope is based on the understanding that the globalisation wave is far too strong and too deep to ebb out totally overnight.

Summary of the Economic History of Argentina

Argentina has had a long and troubled history, this turbulent past has had a large impact on the economic current and historical economic status of the country. In order to understand the now, we need to know the past. Here is a brief summary of the economic past of Argentina.

The Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill’s Effect on the Shrimp Industry

Much has been made about the effects the massive oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico have had on the fishing and shrimping industry in the Gulf Coastal area. However, many people are still unaware of just how extensive the damage is, or the implications it may have on the industry in the future. Many believe that the future of shrimp harvesting in the Gulf region may be in serious jeopardy.

Solving the Global Retirement Problems

Daily, we have become accustomed to reading about the many challenges America faces as a nation. It has unemployment problems, runaway federal deficit, real estate depression, health care crises and senior citizens that live longer. Yes, many see people living longer as a problem because we still operate industrial age economics with its archaic retirement system for a knowledge century. The world needs a new model on retirement that captures that work has become more knowledge dependent, than labor intensive.

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