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A Story of Debt and Waste

A metaphorical story about a country in debt and yet where there is much waste. Each person is responsible for their actions, whatever status in life.

Unemployment and It’s Impact on Families, Teenagers and Young Adults

Teenagers and young adults are feeling the financial crisis, as well as their parents. The lack of unemployment is being felt by most Americans of all ages. America may lose an entire generation because of the current financial downward spiral.

Government Takeover – Is Your Small Business Next?

The President this morning gave another campaign speech highlighting all the things the U.S. government has done to help America’s economy. The recently-signed finance reform bill, he noted, will end corruption and bail-outs of those fat cats on Wall Street. Meanwhile, he said the government is working on a $50 billion package of loans for small businesses, ostensibly to create jobs and get the economy moving.

Europe is Jumping the Gun by Removing Stimulus!

The battle is on – Europe wants austerity measures adopted and stimulus removed, while the U.S. Fed says it’s too early, that stimulus efforts need to remain in place.

The Artificial Production of Booms and Recessions

Many people think that economic booms and recessions just happen. They may have some awareness that the interest rate setting of the Federal Reserve has something to do with it, but the concept of the artificial production of booms and recessions by the Fed seems alien to them.

Why the Value of FIAT Money Will Always Go to Zero

Paper money today is fiat money. Since 1971, real assets have not backed the dollars that Americans spend.

Money From Thin Air – The Fractional Banking System

The Origins of Fractional Banking The fundamental idea governing the fractional banking system dates back to medieval England. Between 1000 and 1100 A.D., money lenders, who were at that time referred to as goldsmiths, secured the people’s gold and silver in their vaults. With each deposit of gold or silver, the depositors were given a paper receipt designating the amount that they had entrusted to the goldsmiths.

The Financial Wipeout of the American Middle Class

Introduction The middle class is being wiped out financially because the infrastructure that supported the middle class has been yanked out from under it. America previously had a very strong middle class and the country was a world leader in all respects – manufacturing, scientific discoveries, economic prosperity, high rate of home-ownership, excellent employee benefits and a strong dollar based on the gold standard.

A Look Into Brain Drain and Brain Gain in Africa

The emigration of African experts to US and Europe owing to lack of institutional readiness at home must be seen as a threat to the prosperity and wealth of Africa. As they work in these adopted nations to improve their careers, African governments must find ways to tap these skills. Technologies are readily available and we have the capability to turn this brain drain into brain gain.

Consumer Views on Housing Needs and Homeownership Soured – How Will You Make the Most Wealth?

For as far back as almost anyone alive today, owning a home has been the holy grail of family wealth. The financial crisis and housing crash that caused it has changed all that. The debate is over and the data is coming in. American consumer housing values have indeed changed and apparently for the long term.

Will YOU Survive the Final Bubble and the Coming Economic Collapse?

Are we in the U.S. facing another giant and devastating financial and economic bubble? Will this bubble be the final bubble, and the end of capitalism? Will YOU survive it?

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