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University of Michigan Sentiment Index (MSI) – Deceptively Positive and Optimistic?

The University of Michigan Consumer Sentiment Index took an unexpected rise to 61.2, vs consensus estimates of 56.4 (which was a 28 year low), due primarily to the recent pullback in oil prices and slight recovery in the equities market. I would be wary of this though, as I believe the current rally is just another bear market rally. We will probably continue to see downward pressure on stocks after next Friday’s unemployment numbers, which are pointing to a bleak employment outlook, which is never good because consumers drive a good amount of this economy today and without jobs, there is just not a lot of good they can do for the GDP. As the report stated, “The data still indicate an ongoing downturn in spending that will last well into 2009.” Hence, I would not read too much into these numbers.

Do You Understand the Economics Behind the Proposed Windfall Profits Tax on Gasoline Suppliers?

Oil and gasoline prices are front and center of the news this election year, and for good reason. The recent rise in prices is a huge economic problem for just about every American, and our dependency on foreign sources of oil is even a national security concern. Let’s look at how a tax on the oil suppliers, the “Windfall Profits Tax” would effect the price of gas at the pump for all Americans.

City Hall and the Decision to Fund Improvements That Help Auto Dealerships

Currently, the United States is in a recession and this means that cities are worried about providing services when their tax receipts are down. Many cities get a percentage of the sales tax revenues, but what happens when sales dry up? When recession hits the highest ticket non-essential items are hurt the worst. A family, which is strapped for cash and worried about their budget is not likely to go out and buy a brand new car.

The Economy and the Job Market – Searching For Growth in Troubled Times

The economy is clearly not in good shape. We may or may not currently be in a recession, and while conditions won’t get nearly as bad as the Chicken Littles of the world would have us believe, they most certainly won’t improve either. Well, dramatically, anyway.

The 2008 Democratic National Convention – How Much Money Will Denver’s Local Economy Receive?

The economic development association of Denver has been instrumental in revitalizing downtown and turning the more degraded peripheral areas into an economic success story. Today the light rail relieves traffic downtown and in the surrounding area. The incredible work done in Denver is a testament to capitalism and free-enterprise working seamlessly with city, county and state governments. It is truly remarkable and undeniable.

Is the Worst Behind Us? – Update on the Housing, Mortgage, and Credit Crises

Consumers want to know what economic factors may affect the housing market and mortgage rates. Are Real Estate values going to stabilize and start rising, and if so, when? Are mortgage rates going higher or lower, and when? Is now a good time to buy a home; is this a good time to refinance? What factors are going to affect these markets over the months and years to come?

Don’t Close the Gate in 2008 – Over Regulations Killing Small Business

“When the economy gets tough it is always the small businesses that get things moving again, but let’s not tie their hands behind their backs” stated one Free Market Economic Think Tank recently. Indeed, it would be hard to deny that our small business sector is the back bone of our economy. After all small businesses employ over 2/3 of our workforce.

Bringing Down the Wall in Russia

The task of the Western powers is to open up Russia to outside financial institutions and corporations. This will help make Russia a leader in world economies.

London Conveyancing Solicitor Guide For First Time Buyers in 2008!

Most know it is near impossible to buy a house first time in London but the government has made new proposals to rectify this problem. Could you qualify for the assistance?

A World Without Oil

Have you ever thought what would happen if the world economy was not controlled by the oil price and those who have drilling rights. Well wars have been fought over this black gold, what would we do with a world without oil?

Increase in Fuel Prices in Europe

The mention of Europe brings to mind quaint streets filled with cabs, bicyclists, and pedestrians. It doesn’t initially make you think of fuel protests, exorbitant fuel costs, and rising food costs.

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