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The Euro and The European Union – A Second Wake Up Call

Lately it is easy to find news about the relation between Italy and the Euro – for example this one: “Italy’s love affair with the euro is due to cool” Italy seems to be struggling with the euro and with its own economy. It appears to be the case that the Italian economy is especially vulnerable for the global markets in which it operates … But this is just part of the game, something the union should be able to cope with, all is part of growing up.

Globalization Consequences on Cultural Studies

Globalization has quickly become a prevalent term; it names a process, an epoch, a discourse, a promise, a threat, a way of looking at ‘the world’. It also names a new kind of ‘inter-discipline’, a new protocol of writing and teaching in the humanities and social science. This phenomenon has effected on per discipline in any aspect that cultural studies is not exception. The article charts the emergence of globalization in cultural studies: first, by planning the bright symptoms of globalization discourse as it appears in three major anthologies of cultural studies of globalization; second, by arguing that the freedom from history implied by the idea of globalization always depends on a variety of implicit narratives about the past; and third, by speculating on the ways one might constitute the culture of the era of globalization.

India-Srilanka Free Trade Agreement(FTA): The Success and Road Ahead

The Free Trade Agreement between India and Srilanka came into full existence from 1st March 2000.This FTA basically deals with the modalities of the Duty Free Import of the Goods manufactured in Srilanka

Hu is in India but Who am I in China?

This is a short piece about an individual in another country in the light of President Hu’s visit to India. Bilateral trade between the two countries is rising and the two nations are fast emerging as economic powerhouses…

The Spiraling Cost of “Free”

We all know how great it feels to be offered something for nothing. Most of us have rushed to the store to cash a coupon for a “free” item happily. But while the price to us on the spot is nothing, the actual cost to produce that item still remains and must be recouped. The sad and ultimate truth is that nothing is “free”. I know, it sounds cliché, but it is true.

The Role of Money in America’s Economy

Money is but a tool that does the bidding of its master. Money has no actual value other than the value we attach to it. Money has no actual meaning other than the meaning we attach to it. Clearly, the world turns on a dollar bill. I am not judging what causes our economy to work (greed is its greatest motivator), but I am suggesting we need to be street smart about how our money system works. Understanding the money game does not make us better or smarter people than others, it does make us more aware and savvy when opportunity knocks on our door.

Future of Interest Rates in UK

A look into prospect for interest rates in UK following the MPC latest inflation report. Generally inflationary pressure seem lower than expected

Offshoring U.S. Patients No Cure for Ailing Healthcare System

With more and more corporations adding select foreign hospitals as Preferred Providers to their employees’ health insurance plans, it remains difficult for patients to get the necessary information needed to make a reasoned decision on whether to have surgery performed, let alone halfway around the world.

The Effect of the Recent Rise in Interest Rates on the UK Economy

The effect of the recent rise in interest rates on the UK economy. To what extent will it cause a slow down. Will the rise in interest rates be temporary or rise further

The Good Economy

The Presidents tax cuts have cost the US treasury 2001 to 2006 one trillion dollars for 800,000 new jobs, so lets figure a trillion is one thousand times a billion. If we were to give one million dollars tax free at random to 800,000 high school graduates or newly unemployed on the condition they could never ask for government assistance again during their life time the cost would be eighty billion dollars thus we could achieve the same results as the Presidents tax cuts with a savings to the treasury of 920 billion dollars!

Globalization and Poverty – Even Indian Farmers are effected

In certain states of India there is an epidemic of farmers suicides. Today farmers in every village are facing debt and despair.

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